What We Do

We host a number of community oriented programs like summer camps, empowerment group sessions, educational programs and events. We cater to youth and young adults (ages 13- 25).

We oversee an annual purity camp where we educate teens about the detriments of premarital sex, (like HIV & AIDS, STDS) healthy dating, boundaries, and more. The purity camp is our main annual program. 2017 will be the 4th year for our purity camp/program.

We collaborate with different agencies and speakers who come in to educate the students on relevant topics.

We provide a meal during each day of camp and have a culminating purity ball at the end of each purity camp where friends, family and sponsors can attend to help celebrate and encourage the students to apply what they have learned during the camp going forward. Each student receives a purity gift and a purity certificate. The purity camps are held in July.

We educate youth and young adults on positive decision making, individuality, drug addiction, healthy dating and more.

We offer group and one on one counseling for our program participants and their families as many of them come to our programs in need (with addictions, in unhealthy relationships, insecure, depressed, suicidal and more).

We SpeakLife by providing positive prospective, education, encouragement, inspiration and more.

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