Meet The Founder

My name is Dominique C. Dillard. I am originally from Chicago Illinois now living in Huntsville Alabama. In Chicago, as a child I lived in the home with a drug and sex addicted Father. His addiction created detrimental disadvantages, challenges and dysfunctions in my life. As a teen and young adult many of the challenges that manifested in my life stemmed from the repetitive and constant dysfunctions of my home.

I often found myself swimming against the current or climbing uphill mostly because of the backlash of a dysfunctional childhood. Such is the case with many individuals today being forced to face many disadvantages, obstacles and challenges in life that are of no choice of their own. To be in and/or come from this situation is something I understand quite well! I always say my background is not one of a kind or uncommon. Instead my story is very common for many. This is why use my story to reach others, educate, inspire, encourage and to SPEAKLIFE! If I overcame, so can many others!!


Dominique Dillard is a graduate of Alabama A&M University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. She has completed one and a half years of her PhD in Business Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology which is located in her home town, Chicago Illinois.

She moved to Huntsville Alabama the year she graduated High School. While pursuing her Master's degree in Huntsville, she opened a hair salon and named it Beauty's Blessing. Her hair salon has been successfully operating for over 7 years today. Dominique is Founder and CEO of a 501c3 nonprofit organization called SpeakLife: IAMGREATNESS Inc. She uses it as a platform to promote positive and purposeful living, to educate and inspire others. SpeakLife host a number of programs and events each year and provide counseling for the programs participants and their families.

The organization has gained much support and sponsorships and has impacted many lives. It ultimately ‘Speaks Life’ and promotes greatness in the lives of today’s teens and young adults. Dominique Dillard is also a Licensed Counselor by the State of Alabama and is currently engaging in private practice. She provides professional counseling services in Huntsville, Madison and in Morgan County. She provides group counseling, family counseling and individual counseling. Dominique looks forwards to completing her Doctoral degree, becoming a corporate consultant and building her own Private Practice. She anticipates receiving grants and generous sponsorships to propel the vision of her nonprofit organization as she continues to SpeakLife!

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